Question & Answer

Can a friend or family member collect an item for me?

Yes, they can, but you will need to provide them with one of the following:
  • 1. EPost users - A copy of the original email sent showing the depot number.
  • 2. Provide a signed letter stating who is authorised to collect on your behalf and bring your and their ID. The authorisation letters are kept for our records.

NOTE: Failure to provide the above may result in being denied collection

What are the charges when receiving items via post?

As from the 16 th November 2020, all parcels received via the Post Office with a value under £25.00 will be exempt of any Custom Duties or Import Handling fees. The threshold amount of £25.00 increases to £39.00 for parcels containing gifts from one individual to another.

A fixed £4.00 Import Handling fee on all incoming parcels with a commercial value of £25.00 or over is payable. Import duty is payable on all parcels with a commercial value exceeding £25.00. The option to pay a £4.00 fee online is available and as soon as payment is made, the parcel is delivered to your home.

Does the sender have to declare the goods?

Yes. Under international postal agreements, the sender must complete a customs declaration (form CN22 or CN23) which in most cases should be fixed to the package. The declaration includes a description of the goods, the value and whether they are gifts or commercial items.

The importers are legally responsible for the information on the declaration; therefore, it is in your own interest to ensure, wherever possible, that the sender abroad completes the declaration accurately and in full.

If no declaration is made, or the information is inaccurate, the package may be delayed while the HM Customs and RGPO make further enquiries, or in some cases, the package and its contents may be returned to the sender or seized by HM Customs.

Do I have to pay Custom Duties and/or Import Handling fees on goods sent to me?

Most goods arriving in Gibraltar are liable to Custom Duties and Import Handling fees unless these are exempt or under the Government set threshold.

What are the limits for Customs Duty and Import Handling fees?

The limits for Customs duty and Import Handling fees are:
  • Goods you have purchased, under £25 are exempted
  • If you are sent a gift and it is clearly marked as one and under £39 it is exempted
  • Custom duties will apply for items of £25.00 and over as specified by the Integrated Tariff Regulations 2017
  • Import Handling fees will fixed at £4.00 for items of £25.00 and over

What if I receive gift by post?

Goods sent as a gift that are £39 or more in value are liable to Customs Duty and Import handling fees. To qualify as a gift:
  • the customs declaration must be completed correctly
  • the gift must be sent from a person outside Gibraltar to a person(s) in Gibraltar

Note: if you purchase something from outside Gibraltar to give as a gift to a relative or friend, whether or not addressed to that person, it is treated as a "commercial consignment" for which the Custom Duty and Import handling fees apply

Do multi-gift packages containing more than one gift qualify for the £39 Customs Duty waiver and import VAT relief?

Where a package contains gifts that are clearly intended for several people, for example, members of the same family, the £39 relief applies to each individual person provided the goods are; individually wrapped, specifically addressed to them, declared separately on the customs declaration and within the allowances specified.

When and why does HM Customs and RGPO examine packages?

Postal packages arriving in Gibraltar are examined for prohibited or restricted goods such as drugs, indecent or obscene material, weapons, endangered species, counterfeits goods and to confirm the description and value stated on the declaration is correct.

The customs declaration is checked to determine if Customs Duty and Import Handling fees are chargeable. Sometimes there is a need to examine the contents of a package particularly when the sender has not completed the declaration correctly. In such cases the opening, repacking and resealing of the package is carried out as per law.

How are Custom Duties calculated?

Custom Duties are calculated at the postal depots where the packages are received. The amount of Customs Duty charged will depend on the type of goods imported and the value stated on the customs declaration CN22/CN23 (converted to pound sterling using the official rates of exchange). Custom Charges are payable on the price paid for the goods plus postage, packing and insurance.

Why do I have to pay an Import Handling Fee to Royal Gibraltar Post Office?

If the value of the items equal or exceed £25.00, RGPO will charge a £4.00 Import Handling fee to cover the costs for processing the shipment, carrying out custom procedures, handling the payments and organising the relevant documentation. If customs examination is required, or if information is missing from the declaration, RGPO will assist HM Customs to repack and reseal the package. All international couriers and postal operators charge fees for their services. If you pay the £4.00 delivery fee, the Postal worker will deliver the parcel.

How can I pay the fees?

The Custom Duties, Import Handling fees and delivery fee is payable online or upon collection from the Mail Centre at 7 Admiral Rook Place.

Where can I ask about or query a customs charge?

If you have any questions about a particular charge you should contact RGPO as soon as possible. When you write to the RGPO you should include as much detail as you can, including the parcel tracking number, parcel depot number, the customs declaration and the part of the wrapper with your address on it. If your claim is about overcharging because the declared value of the goods was incorrect, you will need to supply evidence, for example, an invoice, receipt of purchase etc., to support your claim.