Charges & Import Duty

As from the 16th November 2020, all parcels received via the Post Office with a value under £25.00 will be exempt of any charges. The threshold amount of £25.00 increases to £39.00 for parcels containing gifts from one individual to another.

A fixed £4.00 charge on all incoming parcels with a commercial value of £25.00 or over is payable. If you wish to have the parcel, no matter the value or size delivered to you, the option is available for a £4.00 delivery fee. The standard 10% import duty is payable on all parcels with a commercial value exceeding £25.00.

Fees can be paid online but if you prefer to pay in person, payments by credit card are available at the Parcel Post counter when collecting the parcels.

Please note that import duty will not be paid on personal imports of any value including the following items:
  • Medicines;
  • Medical aids and accessories;
  • Sanitary products;
  • Any items to assist those with disabilities;
  • Books;
  • Educational products;
  • Clothing clearly labelled as children’s clothing;
  • Bicycles;
  • Musical Instruments;