Charges & Import Duty

As from the 16th November 2020, all parcels received via the Post Office with a value under £25.00 will be exempt of any charges. The threshold amount of £25.00 increases to £39.00 for parcels containing gifts from one individual to another.

A fixed £4.00 charge on all incoming parcels with a commercial value of £25.00 or over is payable. If you wish to have the parcel, no matter the value or size delivered to you, the option is available for a £4.00 delivery fee. Import duty is payable on all parcels with a commercial value of £25.00 and above as dictated by the Integrated Tariff Regulations 2017 (Import Duty Percentages on Page 23-25)

Fees can be paid online but if you prefer to pay in person, payments by credit card are available at the Parcel Post counter when collecting the parcels.